Investment growth in 2014
Energy and manufacturing;Energy and manufacturing
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The investment statistics monitor the development in investments within manufacturing, mining & quarrying and electricity supply. Final investments in 2014 increased by 6 per cent.

Investments in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplyQ1 2015



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Investment growth in 2014

Final investments continued to rise in 2014 due to an increase in both manufacturing and electricity supply. Estimates for 2015 indicate a further increase in total investments.

Investments. Collected in Q1. Per cent and NOK million1
Final investments collected in Q1 the following year
2014 / 201320132014
1Values at current prices
Manuf., mining and electric power5.941 58244 038
Manufacturing7.519 44220 891
Mining and quarrying-14.51 7181 469
Electricity, gas and steam6.120 42221 677
Estimates collected in Q1 the same year
2015 / 201420142015
Manuf., mining and electric power7.843 19846 577
Manufacturing6.618 86120 105
Mining and quarrying-22.31 4801 150
Electricity, gas and steam10.822 85725 322

Final investments in 2014 covering manufacturing, mining and quarrying and electricity supply amounted to NOK 44.0 billion measured in current value; 6 per cent higher than the corresponding figure for 2013. High investment figures within electricity supply, together with a solid increase in manufacturing investments, explain this growth.

New estimates for 2015 indicate that total investments are expected to be 8 per cent higher than the corresponding figure for 2014. A further growth in transmission and distribution of electricity together with a positive outlook for export-related manufacturing explains this rise.