Strong results for 2014
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Investments in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplyQ2 2013



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Strong results for 2014

Total investments in 2013 are expected to be somewhat lower than in 2012. However, the first estimates for 2014 show quite strong growth in total investments.

Investments. Collected in Q2. Per cent and NOK million1
Estimates collected in Q2 the same year
2013 / 201220122013
1Values at current prices
Manuf., mining and electric power-3.542 68941 208
Manufacturing-3.019 59719 008
Mining and quarrying8.81 3961 519
Electricity, gas and steam-4.721 69620 681
Estimates collected in Q2 the previous year
2014 / 201320132014
Manuf., mining and electric power8.536 37339 456
Manufacturing2.914 57315 002
Mining and quarrying87.16821 276
Electricity, gas and steam9.821 11823 178

New estimates for 2013 show that total investments covering manufacturing, mining & quarrying and electricity supply are expected to amount to NOK 41.2 billion measured in current value. The result is 3.5 per cent lower than the corresponding figure for 2012. Prospects of a decline in investments within manufacturing and electricity supply explain this development.

The estimate for 2014 is 8.5 per cent higher than the corresponding figure for 2013. Prospects of a strong increase in investments within transmission and distribution of electricity are the main reason for this growth.