Moderate growth in investments
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Investments in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplyQ3 2004



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Moderate growth in investments

Estimates for 2004 indicate a higher level of investment than last year. This development is not expected to persist in 2005.

Results from the August survey estimate total investments in manufacturing, mining and quarrying and electricity supply in 2004 to be NOK 27.4 billion, measured in current value. This is a 7 per cent increase compared with the corresponding figures for 2003. A higher level of investment within electricity supply and industries producing refined petroleum products, chemicals and chemical products is the main reason for this development. Estimates for 2005 are 5 per cent lower than the corresponding figures for 2004, mostly due to an anticipated fall in investments in manufacturing. The completion of several large projects within the production of non-ferrous metals is the main reason for this result.

New estimation method: From sample to population

Up until and including Q4 2003 Statistics Norway published aggregated investment figures for a sample of approx. 1 900 establishments in manufacturing, mining and quarrying, and electricity supply. The results were estimated as totals of reported figures. High coverage and high response rate were the incentives for using this simple form of aggregation.

To improve the quality of the survey and the capability for comparison across different quantitative statistics, Statistics Norway has started to publish estimated investment figures for the entire population. The new method represents a level shift in the Quarterly Investment Statistics. Estimated investment figures for the population have been calculated back to 1989 and published in ordinary tables and in StatBank Norway. For more information, please use the link New estimation method .

Estimated and final investments. Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying and Electricity Supply. NOK Million (current value)
  Estimated 2003 Estimated 2004 Estimated 2005 Estimated and final 2003 Estimated and final 2004
  Collected in Q3 2002 Collected in Q3 2003 Collected in Q3 2004 Collected in Q3 2003 Collected in Q2 2004 Collected in Q3 2004
Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying and Electricity Supply 20 316 20 384 19 368 25 524 26 303 27 412
Mining and Quarrying  378  375  325  489  639  727
Manufacturing 14 711 13 532 12 356 16 809 16 589 17 620
Electricity Supply 5 227 6 477 6 687 8 227 9 074 9 065