Less investments within manufacturing
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Investments in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplyQ3 2003



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Less investments within manufacturing

Estimates for 2003 indicate a lower level of investment than in the previous year, but as usual the figures are somewhat higher than recorded in the May survey. Estimates for 2004 point toward a fairly stable development in total investments.

Total investments covering manufacturing, mining and quarrying and electricity supply are expected to amount to about NOK 20 billion - measured in current value. This is 6 per cent less than the corresponding figures for 2002, but a moderate increase compared with the estimates recorded in the May survey. A lower level of investment within manufacturing is partially replaced by increased activity within electricity supply.

Estimates for 2004 show a slight decrease compared with corresponding figures for 2003. Expectations of a further increase in investments within electricity supply contribute to maintain the total level of investment.