Slight decline in estimates for 2002
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Investments in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplyQ3 2002



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Slight decline in estimates for 2002

Estimates for 2002 indicate a higher level of investment than in the previous year, but they are slightly lower than recorded in the May survey. Estimates for 2003 seem to confirm the results from the second quarter that showed a noticeable reduction.

Total investments covering manufacturing, mining and quarrying and electricity supply are expected to amount to about NOK 21.4 billion in current value. This is a 5 per cent increase compared with corresponding figures in 2001, but slightly lower than in the May survey. A high level of investment within the industries Basic Metals and Electricity Supply plus a large project within the industry Refined Petroleum Products and Chemical Products continue to influence the overall picture.

Estimates for 2003 are 11 per cent lower compared with corresponding estimates for 2002, but remain more or less unchanged from the May survey. A lower level of investment within industries that produce intermediate goods is the principal cause of this development.