Annual profit increased
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Electricity, annual figures2002

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Annual profit increased

The annual profit in the power industry was NOK 10.5 billion in 2002. This is an improvement of 16.7 per cent compared to 2001. The production plants had the highest operating profit margin like previous years. The return of total and return of equity for the power industry was 8 and 9 per cent in 2002.

Income statment for enterprises in electricity supply, 1998-NOK

Key figures for enterprises in electricity supply. 2002

The operating profit was NOK 18.8 billion for the power industry in 2002. This is an improvement of 1 billion from 2001. The operating profit margin went down 0.8 percentages points to 19.1 per cent. The investment was NOK 5 371 million in 2002, - an increase of 24.8 per cent from the previous year. The investment is still low compared to before the deregulation of the power marked in 1991.Average investment was NOK 12.3 billion in NOK 1998 in the period 1980-1990, while the average has been 4.9 billion in the period 1991-2002.

Higher power price

The price of electric energy increased by 8.2 per cent to NOK 0.185 øre/kWh in 2002. The tariff on distribution was NOK 0.186/kWh With energy tax included the price in total was 34.4 øre/kWh. With energy tax included the price in total was NOK 0.421/kWh. The total price for private households rose from NOK 0.489/kWh in 2001 to NOK 0.546/kWh in 2002, VAT not included. The power price was for long time below last year, but a strong increase in the price the last months lead to a higher average price in 2002.

Acquistion of fixed assets, 1998-NOK

Potential, developed and permanently protected#1 watercourses. 1928-2002. GWh

Higher production of power

The production of power was 130.5 TWh in 2002, - an increase of 7.3 per cent from the previous year.

2000 is the only year the production has been higher. The production of waterpower was 129 837 GWh. The remaining production was 561 GWh thermal power and 75 GWh wind power. Total net consumption was 110 TWh in 2002.This is a decrease of 2.8 compared with the previous year.

Net exports of power

Norway imported 5 334 GWh and exported 15 045 GWh in 2002. Norway net imported 3 598 in 2001 and net exported 19 055 GWh in 2000.