1. Please send the file(s) only when Statistics Norway requests it

2. Files sent to Statistics Norway must be encrypted as 7z files

  • The password for the encrypted file is sent by SMS to the agreed number in Statistics Norway.
  • You can read about www.7-Zip.org.

3. The transmission takes place via Statistics Norway's secure line

  • Always send the data via Statistics Norway's encrypted transmission server.
  • Never send data by e-mail or in the mail on CD, memory stick or similar.

4. Note these technical details:

4.1 Format

  • Preferably: SAS
  • Also possible: Flat files in ASCII format, either semicolon (sdv) or comma separated (csv), STATA (.dat has to be ver. 12) or SPSS files (.sav).

4.2 Names of files and variables

  • Permitted characters: A-z, 0-9 and _ (underscore). The name cannot start with numbers
  • Do not use: æøå, spaces or (special) characters
  • All variables on the same file must have unique names of a maximum of 32 characters each.
  • If you send several files, it is an advantage that the same variable has the same name in all the places where it occurs.

4.3 Social security number

  • Always 11 positions (include leading zeros)
  • Always string format, never numeric

5. Documentation

Send only the persons / companies and the variables the customer and Statistics Norway have agreed on. Always send with:
  • description of the population (unit, selection criteria)
  • number of records on file (s) (persons, companies, observations) and whether there are duplicates
  • complete variable list (name, label, position, length)
  • relevant definitions and code lists
Make Statistics Norway aware of variables that may contain identifying information, such as:
  • social security number
  • organization number
  • name in plain text
  • date of births
  • address (in plain text or as a code)
  • municipality, district or basic district number / name