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Registered unemployed among immigrantsQ2 2019



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In 2018, the Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) introduced several changes that led to a break in the time series in the ARENA register, which is the statistical basis for registered unemployment among immigrants. The figures on registered unemployment among immigrants before and after the changes are therefore not directly comparable. The effects of the changes have not yet been examined and may vary between the different groups. Statistics Norway has therefore chosen not to comment on the changes in the figures in this publication.

Registered unemployed, by immigrant background and region of birth.
2nd quarter 2019
Unemployed personsRegistered unemployed in per cent of the labour force (per cent)
1Non-residents included.
2Turkey is included.
Registered unemployed, total59 8092.1
Non-immigrant population134 8351.5
All immigrants24 9745.2
The Nordic countries9822.1
Western Europe else1 2922.7
EU countries in Eastern Europe7 4055.3
Eastern Europe else1 9584.7
North-America and Oceania1502.0
Asia27 6485.9
Africa4 7499.6
South and Central Amerika7905.1