Break in the time series


In 2018, the Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) introduced several changes that led to a break in the time series of registered unemployment among immigrants.

In 2018, NAV introduced several changes to its rules and routines that have led to a break in the time series for the ARENA register, which forms the basis for the statistics on registered unemployment among immigrants. The first change was to the regulations for the work assessment allowance (AAP), which the unemployed can now receive for up to 6 months instead of 3 months. In July, NAV introduced text message reminders for job seekers to submit their employment status form, and in November, a new solution was introduced for registering job seekers. Consequently, job seekers are now registered and included in NAV’s statistics quicker than before.

The figures on registered unemployment among immigrants before and after the changes are therefore not directly comparable. The changes may also affect the various groups in different ways. Statistics Norway has therefore chosen not to comment on the figures in a news article on this occasion, since our focus has been on the changes in the figures.

For more information, see the statement from NAV (in Norwegian).