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Trade union members and strikes2018



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Members of trade union organisations and work stoppages
201620172018Change in the last year1
1It varies somewhat from year to year which trade unions respond to the survey, especially when it comes to those that are not affiliated with any of the four major main federations. Change in figures for the group "Other associations of wage earners" must therefore be interpreted with caution.
Members of trade union organisations
All associations of wage earners1 813 9791 831 0961 857 78726 691
The Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions917 122925 605936 71111 106
Confederation of Vocational Unions215 591217 724222 3924 668
Confederation of Unions for Professionals349 219359 054367 9788 924
Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations199 174203 102208 5975 495
Other associations of wage earners132 873125 611122 109-3 502
201620172018Change in the last two years
Strikes and lockouts
Work stoppages141011-3
Wage earners in work stoppages8 8584013 502-5 356
Working days lost165 7988 94224 142-141 656