Discussion Papers

Discussion papers comprise research papers intended for international journals and books. A preprint of a Discussion Paper may be longer and more elaborate than a standard journal article as it may include intermediate calculations, background material etc.

Articles, analysis, and publications


  1. Spatial trade-offs in national land-based wind power production in times of biodiversity and climate crises Article 6 October

    Energy generated from land-based wind power is expected to play a crucial role in the decarbonisation of the economy.

  2. Directed technical change and the resource curse Article 5 October

    The "resource curse" is a potential threat to all countries relying on export income from abundant natural resources such as fossil fuels.

  3. Mountains of trouble: Accounting for environmental costs in local benefit-driven tourism development Article 29 September

    Tourism and recreational home developments generate much of the economic activity at mountain destinations in Norway.

  4. Social security pension generosity and the effect on household saving Article 23 September

    This paper examines the substitution between pension wealth and household saving by studying Norway’s 2011 pension reform.

  5. Gender or class – What determines voting? Article 2 September

    Previous literature has found that extending the suffrage to both females and poorer voters increases the supply of public goods.

  6. Structural break in the Norwegian LFS due to the 2021 redesign Article 26 August

    The labour force surveys (LFSs) on all Eurostat countries underwent a substantial redesign in January 2021. To ensure coherent labour market time series for the main indicators in the Norwegian LFS, we model the impact of the redesign.

  7. Dynamics of first-time patenting firms Article 17 August

    This paper investigates firm dynamics in the period before, during, and after an event consisting of a first published patent application.

  8. Early retirement provision for elderly displaced workers Article 10 August

    This paper studies the economic effects on re-employment and program substitution behavior among elderly displaced workers who exogenously lose eligibility for their early retirement option.

  9. Fiscal policy, macroeconomic performance and industry structure in a small open economy Article 7 July

    We analyse how fiscal policy affects both the macroeconomy and the industry structure, using a multi-sector macroeconomic model of the Norwegian economy with an inflation targeting monetary policy.

  10. Can the child penalty be reduced? Article 6 July

    Children cause large earnings drops for mothers but not fathers, a stylized fact known as the “child penalty” that explains a substantial portion of remaining gender income gaps.

  11. Do funds for more teachers improve student outcomes? Article 1 June

    We investigate the effects of a large-scale Norwegian reform that provided extra teachers to 166 lower secondary schools with relatively high student-teacher ratios and low average grades.

  12. Why has the Norwegian krone exchange rate been persistently weak? A fully simultaneous VAR approach Article 20 May

    We identify variables that help explain the persistent weakness of the Norwegian krone since 2016 within a fully simultaneous model of the underlying process driving the krone-euro exchange rate.

  13. Policies for electrification of the car fleet in the short and long run – subsidizing electric vehicles or subsidizing charging stations? Article 10 May

    Abatement can be performed by measures that have an impact on present emissions, but no lasting effect, and by long-lived infrastructure investments.

  14. Compensated discrete choice and the Slutsky equation Article 6 May

    Consumers often face choice settings in which alternatives are discrete. Examples include choices between variants of differentiated products, modes of urban transportation, residential locations, etc.

  15. Understanding the positive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on women’s fertility in Norway Article 6 May

    This study examines the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on fertility in Norway at the individual level.