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09694: Bankruptcies (1980 - 2016)
09695: Bankruptcies (1980M01 - 2017M09)
08551: Bankruptcies, by type of bancruptcy and industry (SIC2007) (C) (2008M01 - 2017M09)
07218: Bankruptcies, forced sales and registered execution proceedings (1995M01 - 2017M09)
10790: Bankruptcies, by type of bankruptcy and industry (SIC2007) (M) (2009K1 - 2017K3)
07165: Bankruptcies, by industry (SIC2007) and legal form (M) (2006K1 - 2017K3)
07164: Bankruptcies, by year of establishing, industry (SIC2007), turnover, legal form and employment group (C) (2006K1 - 2017K3)
08563: Bankruptcies of limited companies, by share capital (NOK) (C) (2006K1 - 2017K3)
08539: Bankruptcies. Owners in personally owned enterprises, by industrial activity (SIC2007), legal form, sex and country background (C) (2009 - 2016)
08546: Bankruptcies. Owners in limited companies, by industrial activity (SIC2007), sex and national background (C) (2009 - 2016)
09099: Bankruptcies, turnover and persons employed in information sector (2008 - 2016)
Closed time series
05754: Bankruptcies, by industry (SIC2002) and legal form (M) (closed series) (1999K1 - 2008K4)
03611: Bankruptcies, by industry (SIC94), legal form, turnover, employment and year of establishing (C) (closed series) (1999K1 - 2008K4)

Some tables have a character in brackets which shows the lowest regional level you can extract figures for.
(C)=county, (M)=municipality, (BU)=Basic statistical unit, (UD)=urban district, (US)=urban settlement

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