Men in the majority
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Board and management in limited companies1 January 2013



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Men in the majority

The proportion of male representatives on the boards of private limited companies has not changed in recent years. Eight out of ten board representatives in private limited companies are men, and the corresponding figure in public limited companies is six out of ten.

Board representatives and general managers in limited companies
20132012 - 2013
NumberSharePer cent
Board representatives in private limited companies
Total486 088100.05.2
Men400 25082.34.9
Women85 83817.76.7
Board representatives in public limited companies
Total1 538100.0-10.4
General managers in private limited companies
Total189 883100,07.5
Men161 22784.96.9
Women28 65615.111.1
General managers in public limited companies
Share of female board representatives in private and public limited companies. 1 January 2004-2013. Per cent

In private limited companies, 17.7 per cent of the board representatives are women. The highest share of female board representatives is in paid work in private households (75 per cent), other services (50 per cent) and human health and social work (38 per cent).

Private limited companies with only men on their boards make up 72 per cent of the companies. The more representatives there are on a board, the higher the share of enterprises that have both men and women on their boards.

More women with higher education

In public limited companies, 71 per cent of the women on the boards have a university or university college education. The corresponding figure for men is 63 per cent. In private limited companies, the share of women with a degree from a university or university college is 49 per cent; 22 percentage points lower than in public limited companies.

Most representatives on one board

Two out of three board representatives have one board seat, whereas one out of four have two or three. Ninety-six per cent of the women and 88 per cent of the men have up to three board seats. A total of 915 men are representatives on more than 20 boards, which equates to 0.5 per cent of all male board representatives.