Operating profit down
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Accounting statistics for non-financial limited companies2007



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Operating profit down

Operating profit for non-financial limited companies fell by NOK 14 billion from 2006 to 2007. Net financial items rose by NOK 46 billion. As a result, operating result before tax went up from NOK 819 billion in 2006 to NOK 851 billion in 2007.

The increase in operating income for non-financial limited companies continued in 2007. Operating income rose 9.1 per cent to NOK 3 861 billion in 2007. Operating expenses went up by 11.2 per cent to NOK 3 343 in 2007. The result was a fall in operating profit from NOK 532 billion in 2006 to NOK 518 billion in 2007.

Financial income for non-financial limited companies increased by NOK 140 billion or 30 per cent from 2006 to NOK 601 billion in 2007. Financial expenses totalled NOK 269 billion in 2007. The increase in net financial items for the companies therefore rose from NOK 287 billion in 2006 to NOK 333 billion in 2007.

Operating result before tax for non-financial limited companies amounted to NOK 851 billion in 2007. Net profit increased by NOK 32 billion or 3.9 per cent from 2006.

About the statistical basis

The statistics for 2007 are a total census based on tax questionnaires on accounting from a total of 193 224 non-financial limited and public limited companies. In cases when the tax questionnaires on accounting are missing, annual reports are used. Annual reports are the sources of almost 6 per cent of the companies in the statistics, but they account for only 1 per cent of total operating income and total assets.


The statistics cover company accounts but do not cover consolidated accounts. The statistics show the accounting and aggregate values based on accounting and tax legislation. The values do not necessarily give a good picture of the real value or market value of the assets in every case.


As from the financial year 2005, Norwegian companies have had the possibility to use international accounting standards (IFRS). In the financial year 2007 about 400 companies used international accounting standards. The transition to international accounting standards affects the comparability of the accounting figures, for example the way assets are valued.