Many small shareholders
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Ownership and roles in business enterprise sector (discontinued)1 January 2011



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Many small shareholders

Seven out of 10 shareholders per 1 January 2011 owned shares in enterprises with a hundred or more shareholders. Only 7 per cent of the shareholders were sole shareholders in the enterprise.

Fifty-five per cent of the private and public limited companies had only personal shareholders, while 30 per cent had only enterprises among the shareholders per 1 January 2011. One out of 10 enterprises had both persons and enterprises as shareholders.

Many enterprises with few shareholders

Seventy-seven per cent of the enterprises had one or two shareholders. Only 759 of the more than 206 000 enterprises had over a hundred shareholders. However, these shareholders amounted to 69 per cent, almost 1.1 million, of all the shareholders.

Twenty-three per cent of the personal shareholders were major shareholders in one or more enterprises. Fifty-five per cent of the shareholders that were enterprises were major shareholders in at least one enterprise.

General managers and board representatives often represented among the owners

In 64 per cent of the private and public limited companies, the shareholders had roles as general manager, chairman of the board, board member or deputy chairman. Fifty-four per cent of the sole shareholders had at least one role in their own enterprise.

In these statistics, the main focus is on the ownership structure in private and public limited companies per 1 January 2011, and the data covers 206 130 enterprises. The shareholders in these enterprises are both enterprises and personal shareholders. The source of this data is board and management statistics, and also the stock statistics for 2010. The figures include enterprises involved in agriculture, forestry and fishing, but not enterprises involved in public administration.