Reports 2018/17

The effect on firm performance of facilitating services from Siva

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In 2015-16, Statistics Norway carried out an evaluation of the effects of public policies to support R&D and innovation activities in the business sector. The evaluation was carried out on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries and is documented in Cappelen et al. (2016). There we presented analyses of the tax credit scheme Skattefunn, the innovation instruments of Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Research Council, and the Guarantee Institute for Export Credits (GIEK).

The assignment also included an evaluation of Siva, but this was postponed pending the establishment of adequate historical data. Siva is a public enterprise owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries and is a part of the public funding agencies for innovation in the industries. The work presented here is a supplement to the main report. We present an analysis of the impact on enterprises’ growth and value creation of Sivas’ Næringshage program and incubation program. Subject to uncertainty related to causal relationships, our results indicate that Siva's instruments appear effective.

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