24 per cent fall in investments
Wholesale and retail trade and service activities
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Retail sales, investment statisticsQ4 2009



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24 per cent fall in investments

Investments in retail sales fell by 24 per cent from 2008 to 2009, after a 3 per cent growth from 2007 to 2008.

Retail sales, investment statistics. Value index. 2005=100. 1st quarter 2005-4th quarter 2009

Retail sales industries invested less in new buildings and renovations in particular, while investments in these business assets were the only ones with a rise in 2008.

Investments in machines and inventory have fallen during the past two years, after growth in 2006 and 2007. The decrease was modest in 2008, but more significant in 2009.

Final and estimated investments in retail sales. Value index. 2005 = 100
  Final Investments 2008 Final Investments 2009 Change in per cent 2008-2009 Final Investments Q3 2008 Final Investments Q4 2008 Final Investments Q3 2009 Final Investments Q4 2009 Change in per cent Estimated Investments Q1 2010
  Q3 2009-Q4 2009 Q4 2008-Q4 2009
Investments in retail trade, except of motor vehicles, motorcycles and automotive fuel  109.2 83.1 -23.9  102.5  124.0 76.8 90.3 17.6 -27.2 76.1
Investments in machines and inventory  126.0 97.9 -22.3  117.3  145.2 86.8  105.7 21.8 -27.2  
Investments in motor vehicles and other means of transport 83.2 72.8 -12.5 84.4 64.8 74.5  101.3 36.0 56.3  
Investments in new buildings and renovation 87.1 61.5 -29.4 82.2  100.3 61.4 63.2 2.9 -37.0  

About the industry

The retail sales industry, excluding motor vehicles and motorcycles, but including repair of personal and household goods, had a turnover of approximately NOK 323 billion in 2007. The number of persons employed was scarcely 200 000, while the number of establishments was well over 37 500, according to previously published figures from Statistics Norway’s structural statistics for wholesale and retail trade . Acquisitions for these establishments amounted to NOK 7.4 billion in 2007.

Data sources

Statistics Norway receives investment data in NOK from a sample of about 10 300 establishments in the industry. The statistics only include investments that the establishments pay for themselves. Investments made by property companies that hire out premises are not included.