Large decline for technical consultancy


It was a difficult year for Norwegian oil and offshore-sector and this resulted in the local kind-of-activity units within architectural and technical consultancy had a decrease in turnover by 8,8 per cent compared to 2015.

Turnover fell sharply particularly for the industry group «geological surveying and technical consultancy». The total turnover in the industry “architectural and technical consultancy” was to NOK 92 billion in 2016. Decrease in revenues was to lower activity for consultancy service, following a dramatic situation in the offshore-sector and oil prices. The number of persons employed in the industry divisjon went down by 2 678 from the year before, to 45 177 in 2016, according to Business activities, structural business statistics.

Figure 1. Architechtural and engineering activities. Turnover. Local KAUs

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Turnover 86952.7 92643.4 89640.1 100749 109972.7 111204 100931.6 92041.3

4,5 per cent increase for management consult services

Local KAUs in the “management consultancy” had a better result I 2016. Turnover rose by NOK 21,5 billion, an increase of 4,5 per cent compared to the previous year. The number of persons employed was 14 094, an increase of 3,5 per cent from 2015.

Although the other industries groups had a positive result in the year, the decrease in the activities of the offshore and industrial sector has had consequences for the section professional, scientific and technical activities. In total a decrease in turnover by 1,8 per cent to a total of NOK 222,6 billion. A total of 135 436 persons were employed, a decrease of 1 per cent compared to 2015.

Figure 2. Professional, scientific and technical activities, divided by class. Turnover

2013 2014 2015 2016
Legal and accounting activities 36949.6 38975.6 40848.1 42570.9
Head offices, management consult 18947.4 20644.8 20564.9 21481.9
Architecture, engineering activities 122795.9 125157.8 114538.4 104780.6
Scientific research and develoment 11052.9 12366.3 13061.0 13549.1
Advertising and market research 21348.7 20746.7 21421.7 23111.2
Other professional, scientific and technical activities 12830.6 13349.9 13403.1 14156.2
Veterinary activities 2370.9 2514.0 2750.0 2943.6

Decline for employment activities

Within employment activities was also affected by the financial crisis in the oil sector and the industry, and this development was also influenced by the decrease in the activity within the offshore sector. Turnover decreased by 5,5 per cent to a total of NOK 29,7 billion. Employment decreased by 4,6 per cent to total of 47 798 persons.

New data source for employment

From 2015, the Structural Business Statistics are based on a new data basis for wage earners. The main source in the period to 2014 was the NAV Employee Register (State Register). In 2015, the reporting to this registry was coordinated with the reporting of payroll and personnel data to the Tax Administration Authority and Statistics Norway. The common reporting system is called “A-ordning”. “A-ordning” generally provides data with higher quality and accuracy at the individual level, and covers more wage earner conditions than the State Register. In the State Register, employees who work less than four hours per week on average were not included.