Reports 2019/17

Immigrants and the general election 2017

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Seven per cent of eligible voters in 2017 had an immigrant background. Six per cent where immigrant who had naturalised in Norway and one per cent where Norwegian-born to immigrants’ parents. Most eligible voters with an immigrant background live in Oslo or Akershus. Most have backgrounds from African and Asian countries.

The voter turnout is lower among immigrants compared with Norwegian citizens without an immigrant background. In the last two general elections, the turnout was 80 per cent for Norwegian citizens without an immigrant background, while it was around 55 per cent among immigrants.

Voter turnout increased slightly from 2013 among many immigrants

Among many immigrants who was eligible to vote both in 2013 and 2017, the turnout went up slightly from 2013. This applies primarily to immigrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Kosovo, Vietnam, India, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Pakistan. Among the immigrants from the Nordic countries, Western Europe and Eastern European EU countries, the turnout went slightly down among those who was eligible to vote in both elections in 2017.

Norwegian-born electoral turnout is lower compared to the same age group

Turnout among Norwegian-born to immigrant parents are closer to their parents' participation than non-immigrants without an immigrant background. Overall, the participation of 57 per cent among Norwegian-born to immigrant parents in the last parliamentary election. There was also an increase in participation among Norwegian-born to immigrant parents compared to 2013.

Immigrants with background from Africa, Asia etc. vote for the Labour Party

Nearly 6 out of 10 immigrants with background from Africa, Asia etc. vote for Labour. Approximately 26 per cent of the voters without an immigrant background vote for the same party. Among immigrants with background from EU/EEA countries in eastern Europe the support for the Progress Party is higher than in the electorate.

Slight increase in candidates with a minority background

Only four percent of the Members of Parliament have an immigrant background. Among the parties represented in the Storting, there has been an increase in recent years regarding candidates with immigrant backgrounds running. In 2017, there were 137 candidates with a background from Africa Asia etc. Most of them represents parties on the left, but all parties

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