Large net outflow in 2005
External economy
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Direct investment, transactions (discontinued)1998-2005

Statistics Norway has decided to discontinue the detailed FDI flows statistics with breakdown by country and by industry from the reference year 2011. This is due to severe quality problems with the collected data. For FDI flows without breakdown by country or industry, please see Balance of payments.



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Large net outflow in 2005

The transactions in Norwegian foreign direct investment abroad in 2005, were not less than NOK 134.1 billion. The foreign direct investment transactions in Norway were in the same year only NOK 13.0 billion.

More than 60 per cent of the investment abroad was located in EU countries and in the USA, and took in particular place within the industry groups of oil extraction, manufacturing industries and transport and communication. The foreign direct investment transactions in Norway were negative both regarding equity capital in Norwegian enterprises, and regarding net loan claims on Norway. Opposite, there was a positive investment in Norway of NOK 28.7 billion from reinvested earnings, i.e. the part of the operating surpluses of the enterprises which were not paid out as dividend but were used to increase the equity capital in the enterprises.

New reporting system

Up to 2004 the FDI transaction statistics was produced in Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway). The figures were based on reports from all Norwegian banks of their intermediation of foreign payments, and also on reports from enterprises on payments and other settlements outside the Norwegian banking system.

From 2005 the figures are based on the new survey reporting system of Statistics Norway for balance of payments purposes. The new system implies direct reporting of stock data from the enterprises own accounting systems, and the transactions are calculated by Statistics Norway from changes in stocks. This implies a break in the time series, in particular for the valuation of shares and other equity capital. It is not possible to revise the old figures according to the new data sources.