Large direct investment abroad
External economy
dit, Direct investment, transactions (discontinued), FDI, abroadForeign assets and liabilities , External economy

Direct investment, transactions (discontinued)1998-2010

Statistics Norway has decided to discontinue the detailed FDI flows statistics with breakdown by country and by industry from the reference year 2011. This is due to severe quality problems with the collected data. For FDI flows without breakdown by country or industry, please see Balance of payments.



Large direct investment abroad

Norwegian foreign direct investment (FDI) transactions amounted to NOK 188 billion in 2010, compared to NOK 20 billion the year before.

For Norwegian investment abroad, the investment in foreign stocks and shares amounted to NOK 79 billion, while loans between affiliates amounted to NOK 84 billion. With regard to FDI in Norway, the loans between affiliates made up the largest contribution to the investment. The total amount invested was NOK 83 billion, which was an increase compared to the previous year.

Breaks in time series

Since 2005, the figures have been based on Statistics Norway’s own system of balance of payments data collection. The system entails direct reporting from non-financial enterprises of financial stocks based on accounting information and the transactions are derived from changes in the stocks and known valuation changes. Until 2005, the FDI transaction statistics were produced by Norges Bank based on international payments.

The change in the reporting system in 2005 causes a break in the time series, which in particular affects the valuation of the acquisition and realisation of shares and other equity capital. It is not possible to revise the figures before 2005 with the new data sources.