Most pupils choose vocational studies
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Pupils in upper secondary education1 October 2004



Most pupils choose vocational studies

Six out of ten pupils who started basic upper secondary education in autumn 2004 were in vocational fields of study. The proportion was higher among boys than girls.

There were 174 000 registered pupils in upper secondary education according to preliminary figures by 1 October 2004. Apprentices are not included in the figures. A little above 71 000 pupils started basic courses in either general or vocational education. Almost 58 per cent of pupils in the basic courses were in vocational studies. More girls than boys were registered in general areas of study.

Low percentage of pupils in private-owned schools

Only 5 per cent of pupils were in private-owned schools by 1 October 2004. Most of the pupils were in general areas of study. About 7 per cent of pupils in general studies attended private schools and corresponding portion for vocational studies is 3 per cent.

Almost 10 per cent are immigrants

There were 13 800 immigrants in upper secondary education in autumn 2004. This accounts for 8 per cent of the total number of pupils. Most of the pupils are first generation immigrants. There are very few pupils born in Norway with foreign-born parents. This is due to the structure and age distribution of the immigrant population.

Stable number of pupils in technical vocational schools

According to preliminary figures the number of students in technical vocational schools amounted to 3 200 by 1 October 2004. This is a slight decline of 2.4 per cent compared with the previous year.