Largest increase in university degrees
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Largest increase in university degrees

During the academic year 2006/07 there was an increase in the number of completed university degrees compared to 2003/04, while the number of completed degrees in the state university colleges declined. A greater number of credit points were achieved on graduate level than on undergraduate level.

Completed degrees at public universities and university colleges

The number of completed tertiary degrees has increased in the period from the academic year 2003/04 to 2006/07. The increase came mainly at universities, with 3 800 more degrees in 2006/07 than three years before. Together with a decrease of 1100 for the state university colleges during this period and a slight decrease for the specialised university institutions, the total effect was an increase of 2 300 degrees awarded.

Increase in masters degrees in public institutions

If we look at the development for public institutions, the increase in awarded degrees were mostly due to an increase on master level. The universities on the other hand experienced an increase both on graduate and undergraduate level. There was an increase of 1 800 degrees awarded on both graduate and undergraduate level, i.e. 3 600 on both levels altogether.

The number of completed degrees among the state university colleges declined during the three year period. 17 000 degrees were completed during the study year 2003/04, while three years later only 15 900 were completed. In the group “Other Public University Colleges”, which the Norwegian Police University College and the National Academies of the Arts in Oslo and Bergen belong to, there has been a slight increase in the number of completed degrees.

The term “state university colleges” refers to a type of university college which is a result of a reform in 1994. From 1 August that year 98 small state and independent schools were merged into 26 larger units.

Most credit points on graduate level

On average the greatest number of credit points was achieved on graduate level at public institutions over the last three years. During the academic year 2006/07 graduate level students at Norwegian public tertiary institutions achieved on average 50 credit points. Undergraduate students were on average awarded 42 credit points.