10 people killed in road traffic accidents
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The road traffic accident statistics show the number of fatalities and injuries by different variables and vehicles involved. There were 10 fatalities in January 2014 compared to 14 in the same month in 2013.

Road traffic accidents involving personal injuryJanuary 2014



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10 people killed in road traffic accidents

In January 2014, 10 persons were killed in road traffic accidents, according to preliminary figures. In January 2013, the corresponding figure was 14.

Persons killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents
January 2014Average, current month, last 5 year period
KilledSeriously injuredKilledSeriously injured
Group of road user
Drivers of car29922
Passengers of car35511
Drivers and passengers on motorcycle and moped0001
Cyclists ,pedestrians and persons sledging2827
0-15 years3112
16-24 years1439
25-44 years05512
45-64 years28512
65 years or older4536
Unknown age0000
Figure 1. Persons killed in road traffic accidents. January

The average for January over the last 10 years is 18 fatalities.

Of the fatalities last month, six were men and four were women. Two of the fatalities were car drivers, three were passengers, two were pedestrians and three were other road users.