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Norway’s maritime accident statistics show that 281 people incurred significant injuries in 2013.

Marine casualties (discontinued)2013

Discontinued statistics. Figures for marine casualties are available at Norwegian Maritime Authority.



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More personnel injuries

A total of 281 people incurred significant injuries in connection with Norwegian vessels in 2013. The increase of 18 from 2012 is predominately found in fishing and offshore vessels.

Main figures on accidents involving Norwegian registered vessels1
1Registered in NOR and NIS. All sizes. Not leisure boats.
Accidents with vessels
Total loss (vessels)18813
Partial loss (vessels)246241159
Accidents with personnell
Injuries (persons)281263239
Fatalities (persons)5108

Of the 296 personnel accidents in 2013 there were 287 personnel injuries and 9 fatalities. While injuries are up from 2012, fatalities are down from the average 13 of the preceding three years.

Passenger vessels had the most partial losses

A total of 289 vessels suffered a partial loss in 2013. The passenger vessels topped this list with 107 vessels partially lost; the same as in 2012. Other vessel types with a huge partial loss were fishing and general cargo. Forty-one general cargo ships and 40 fishing vessels experienced a partial loss in 2013, with corresponding figures for 2012 of 47 and 36.

The lower figure of vessels totally lost is dominated by fishing vessels. Fourteen out of 20 vessels that were totally lost in 2013 were fishing vessels. During the last four years, the average number of fishing vessels that have been totally lost is 13.