Five died in marine casualties in 2008
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Marine casualties (discontinued)2008

Discontinued statistics. Figures for marine casualties are available at Norwegian Maritime Authority.



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Five died in marine casualties in 2008

Five people died in marine casualties in 2008, nine less than in 2007. One was killed in an accident involving a Norwegian registered vessel larger than 25 gross tonnes, while four were lost in personnel injuries not involving damage on vessel.

Persons lost in marine casualties, by type of accident

In total, 18 Norwegian vessels were lost in 2008, of which 13 were less than 25 gross tonnes. 105 Norwegian registered vessels were partially lost, 5 more than in 2007.

16 vessels registered in foreign ship registers were partially lost in Norwegian coastal waters in 2008. None were totally lost.

Totally and partially lost

The distinction between vessels totally and partially lost is not always clear. Thus, a vessel, which seems to be totally lost, might later be repaired and put back to service. The damage on a partially lost vessel can be so extensive that later it is considered not worthwhile to repair it. Personnel injuries are accidents without any damage on the vessel

Greatest loss between Tromsø and Varangerfjord

Eight vessels were totally lost between Tromsø and Varangerfjord in 2008, and fourteen vessels were partially lost. In the same area 28 persons were injured, but none were killed.

The most partial losses found place between Trondheim and Tromsø. 29 vessels were partially lost and 68 persons were injured in this area.

Personnel injuries without damage on vessel

In casualties not involving damage on vessel there were 441 injuries and 4 fatalities in 2008. The corresponding figures for 2007 were 530 injuries and 6 fatalities.