Fourteen died in marine casualties in 2007
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Marine casualties (discontinued)2007

Discontinued statistics. Figures for marine casualties are available at Norwegian Maritime Authority.



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Fourteen died in marine casualties in 2007

Fourteen people died in marine csualties in 2007, five more that in 2006. Eight were killed in accidents involving Norwegian vessels larger than 25 gross tonnes, while six were lost in personnel injuries.

Persons lost in marine casualties, by type of accident

The largest share of those who died in accidents at sea last year were killed in leisure boat accidents. Among those who died in such accidents there were 21 adult men, two women and one person younger than 17. The total number of 24 is the lowest since 2001.

Fourteen Norwegian vessels were lost in 2007, of which ten vessels were less than 25 gross tonnes. 100 vessels were partially lost, which is 29 more than in 2006 when 71 Norwegian registered vessels were partially lost. Twelve vessels registered in foreign ship registers were partially lost in Norwegian coastal waters in 2007, and one such vessel was totally lost.

Many marine casualties between Bergen and Trondheim

Six vessels were lost between Bergen and Trondheim. In addition, 22 other vessels were partially lost in the same area. In these casualties 80 persons were injured while one person was killed.

Most lives lost in The North Sea

Ten persons were killed in marine casualties in The North Sea with adjacent coastal areas of England in 2007. 65 persons were injured in the same area. In 2006 33 persons were injured but none was killed.

Personnel injuries without damage on vessel

In personnel accidents without damage on vessels, , 530 persons were injured in 2007 while six were killed. The corresponding figures for 2006 are 520 persons injured and seven killed.