Nine died in marine accidents in 2006
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Marine casualties (discontinued)2006

Discontinued statistics. Figures for marine casualties are available at Norwegian Maritime Authority.



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Nine died in marine accidents in 2006

Nine people died in marine accidents in 2006. Two were killed in accidents involving Norwegian vessels smaller than 25 gross tonnes, while seven died due to injuries. The number of casualties has fallen significantly since 2000.

Persons lost in marine casualties, by type of accident

The statistics were changed in 2006 and now include all casualties involving Norwegian vessels, foreign vessels in Norwegian coastal waters, injuries on personnel and casualties involving leisure boats. Previously, the statistics only included casualties involving Norwegian vessels above 25 gross tonnes. New data are available from the year 2000.

Twelve Norwegian vessels were lost in 2006, of which eight vessels were less than 25 gross tonnes. 71 vessels were partially lost, which is considerably fewer than in 2005 when 112 Norwegian registered vessels were partially lost. Twelve vessels registered in foreign ship registers were partially lost in Norwegian coastal waters in 2006.

34 persons were killed in leisure boat accidents in 2006. This is the figure as in 2005. Four of those killed in 2006 were women.

Eight vessels were lost between Trondheim and Tromsø. In addition, 19 other vessels were partially lost in the same area. Most vessels, however, were partially lost between Bergen and Trondheim, where 25 vessels were damaged.