More accidents at sea
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Marine casualties (discontinued)2005

Discontinued statistics. Figures for marine casualties are available at Norwegian Maritime Authority.



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More accidents at sea

105 Norwegian vessels were involved in accidents at sea in 2005, 37 more than the previous year.

Norwegian registered ships of 25 gross tonnes and above. Persons killed and injured

Even though there were more accidents at sea in 2005 than in 2004, the 105 vessels involved are close to the yearly average for 2000-2004 on 110 vessels.

100 vessels were partially lost and 5 vessels were totally lost in 2005. The corresponding figures for 2004 were 62 vessels partially lost and 6 totally lost. Measured in gross tonnes, totally lost vessels increased in gross tonnage from 548 gross tonnes in 2004 to a full 18 884 gross tonnes in 2005.

2 persons were killed and 38 persons were injured due to marine accident in 2005. The yearly average for 2000-2004 were 5 persons killed and 13 persons injured.