Cabin rentals popular among foreigners


There were 1 million guest nights at intermediaries of cabins in 2018. 3 out of 4 guest nights were by foreign citizens.

Recent figures from the statistics of intermediaries of cabins shows that in 2018, there were 232 000 guest nights from Norwegian residents, and 747 000 from foreign residents. Most of the foreign guest nights are from Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

It was by far more guest nights from foreign residents than Norwegian ones in intermediaries of cabins. This is in contrast to results in the accommodation statistics that covers hotels and camping sites. However, looking at figures for holiday dwellings, this is also dominated by foreign guest nights. See table.

Figure 1. Guest nights, by residency of the guests

Guest nights 2018
Norway 232230
Denmark 230432
Germany 220917
Sweden 198843
Other 97116

Hedmark dominates

In 2018, there were 401 000 guest nights intermediated in Hedmark. This is 41 per cent of the total guest nights. Skiing destinations dominated the guest nights at intermediaries of cabins. Buskerud was a the second most popular destination with 143 000 guest nights. 

Small share of guest nights in 2018 at intermediaries of cabins

Intermediaries of cabins contributed 2.8 per cent of total guest nights in 2018. Here, Norwegian and Foreign ones stood for 1 and 6.9 per cent respectively.

Figure 2. Share of guest nights by type of accomodation 2018

Share, 2018
Hotel 68.2% 68.2
Camping sites 21.3% 21.3
Holiday dwellings 6.7% 6.7
Intermediaries of cabins 2.8% 2.8
Youth Hostels 1.0% 1.0