Turnover growth in information sector
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Turnover growth in information sector

In 2010, turnover in the information sector rose 5 per cent after a decline in 2009. Turnover growth rates in the ICT sector were higher than in the content and media sector.

Turnover in the information sector increased by 5 per cent from 2009 and totalled NOK 247.9 billion in 2010. Value added rose 4 per cent to NOK 97.6 billion. Gross investments declined by 3.5 per cent and amounted to NOK 9.2 billion. Compared to 2009, employment remained stable at 99 922 persons.

Information sector indexed growth in turnover by segment, 2007-2010 (2007=100)

Higher turnover growth in ICT sector

The ICT sector continues to account for the largest part of the information sector turnover. In 2010, turnover in the ICT sector increased by 6 per cent, while the content and media sector grew at a slower rate of 1 per cent. Employment in the ICT sector rose by 1.5 per cent from 2009 to 2010, to a total of 73 871 persons. The number of persons employed in the content and media sector, however, fell 3 per cent to 26 051 in 2010.

More jobs in ICT services

In 2010, ICT services represented 72 per cent of the ICT sector turnover. Turnover in ICT services amounted to NOK 144.7 billion, up 6 per cent from the previous year. This was the only segment in the ICT sector to show an increase in employment in 2010. ICT services had 60 285 employees, which is 1 458 persons more than in 2009. Wholesale of information and communication equipment showed the strongest growth in turnover; up 8 per cent in 2010. The highest increase in value added was posted by the ICT manufacturing industry; up 8 per cent to NOK 3.2 billion.

Fall in gross investments in publishing activities

In the content and media sector, sound recording and music publishing activities had the fastest growth rate in value added, which increased 16 per cent to NOK 240 million. This segment also posted the highest increase in number of enterprises, from 502 in 2009 to 557 in 2010. Turnover in publishing of books, periodicals and other publishing activities remained at roughly the same level as in 2009; NOK 28 billion. The number of employees went down by 6 per cent. In addition, publishing of books, periodicals and other publishing activities experienced a steep fall in gross investments from NOK 217 million in 2009 to almost zero in 2010.

Figures for number of enterprises, operating income, operating costs, gross operating surplus, personnel costs, production value and gross investments are published for the first time from 2009.