Internet use on mobile phones increasing
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ICT usage in households2015, 2nd quarter



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Internet use on mobile phones increasing

Seventy-seven per cent of the population between 16 and 74 years have used the Internet on their mobile phones outside of home and work. Daily use of computers is becoming less frequent.

ICT usage in the population
Share of population aged 16-79 - Internet use
Use of PC last 3 months89919494
Use of Internet last 3 months88919496
Used the internet for e-mail81..8790
Used the internet for reading or downloading online news74778689
Used the internet for banking75838689
Used the internet for selling goods or services10232729
Bought/ordered films/music24302831
Bought/ordered clothes/sports goods25313638
Bought/ordered travel or holiday accomodation42505152

While Internet use on mobile phones has increased 5 percentage points since 2014, daily use of computers has decreased from 85 per cent in 2013 and 2014, to 79 per cent in 2015. The share of the population who used computers in the last 3 months however, remains constant at 95 per cent. This could indicate that smartphones are replacing computers for some tasks, making daily computer use less necessary for some.

The trend is more noticeable amongst the youngest age groups. For 25 to 34 year-olds, daily computer use has decreased 12 percentage points to 80 per cent since last year, while simultaneously having the largest share of people using the Internet on mobile phones.

Internet access in households

A total of 91 per cent of all households have a broadband connection at home and 83 per cent have a fixed broadband connection at home. This is a 3 percentage point increase from last year for both variables. Almost all households with children and households with incomes above NOK 600 000 have access to the Internet at home.

Broadband connections from fibre and cable are growing in numbers, while DSL connections are decreasing.

Activities over the Internet

Seventy-three per cent of the population between 16 and 74 years used social media in the last 3 months. This is an increase from 68 per cent in 2013. The older age groups are behind most of the growth, with 37 per cent of 65 to 74 year-olds using social media in 2015, compared to only 22 per cent in 2013. For the youngest in the survey, the use of social media seems to have peaked in 2013, and has now decreased to 92 per cent. Females are more active on social media than men, with 63 per cent of females using social media every day or almost every day, compared to 49 per cent of men. 

One in ten have taken an online course during the last 3 months, and 18 per cent have used online learning material other than a complete online course. The latter type of learning material is most popular in the youngest age group, with 30 per cent of the population between 16 and 24 years having conducted the learning activity. Complete online courses are mostly used by 25-34 year-olds. This year’s survey also shows that 47 per cent have used the Internet to search for information about education, training or course offers.