Increased use of mobile broadband only
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ICT usage in households2014, 2nd quarter



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Increased use of mobile broadband only

The increase in fixed broadband Internet connections is slowing down. At the same time, faster mobile broadband connections mean that more people are using mobile connections only.

ICT in households and population
Share of household with access to ICT
Fibre cable..121722
Share of population aged 16-79 using the Internet
Use of Internet last 3 months87919395
Used the Internet for e-mail79838789
Bought/ordered travel or holiday accomodation43485352
Used the Internet for banking73828588

The percentage of households and the population with only mobile broadband is 8 per cent; an increase from 7 per cent last year. The whole increase is linked to the use of mobile phones with high speed Internet access. Due to this increase in mobile broadband there is also an increase in total broadband Internet access from 91 per cent of the population last year to 92 per cent this year.

Almost all households with children and households with incomes above NOK 600 000 have access to the Internet via a broadband connection at home. A total of 88 per cent of all households have a broadband connection at home and 80 per cent have a fixed broadband connection at home. These are the same figures as in the previous year.

Use of computers and the Internet

A total of 95 per cent of the population have used a computer during the last three months; the same as last year. While almost everyone under 65 years has used a computer during the last three months, the corresponding figure for people aged between 65 and 74 years was 76 per cent; an increase from 73 per cent in 2013.

The figures for Internet use in the last three months show the same trend. Almost everyone in the age groups younger than 65 years is using the Internet and in the age group 65-74 years the figure increased from 70 to 77 per cent in the last year.

Activities over the Internet

Approximately 90 per cent of the population used Internet banking and e-mail. The same percentage used the Internet to read online newspapers and to search for information on, for example, goods, services, travel, accommodation etc. in the last three months as of the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Use of e-commerce

Buying and ordering goods or services for private use over the Internet is growing in popularity. The total share of the population that has made an e-commerce transaction during the last 12 months has increased to 77 per cent from 73 per cent last year. About 7 in 10 Internet shoppers have bought or booked travel or holiday accommodation.

Extensive use of public authorities’ websites

Eighty-five per cent of persons aged 16-74 have interacted with public authorities over the Internet during the last 12 months; an increase from 79 per cent last year. Seventy-eight per cent have obtained information from public authority websites. Sixty-three per cent downloaded official forms and 58 per cent sent completed forms to public authorities.