10277: Emloyed persons who have moved out of a government agency since last year, by ministry including subordinate units the last year, work place and age (closed series) 2012 - 2017
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If a person from a start year compared with the next/last year is not employed in the same published unit, it is registered as an outflow/inflow. The number of inflows or outflows sums upwards in the organization structure. I.e. all levels, except the lowest level, include flows between published units within the same agency/ministry, in addition to flows in and out of the agency/ministry. E.g. the number of inflows for the Government in total is the sum of all inflows in the units at the lowest published level. Equivalently, the number of inflows in a ministry is the sum of all inflows in the underlying units at the lowest published level. If an employed switches from one agency to another in the same ministry, it is registered as both as an outflow and an inflow for this ministry. Leave of absence which results in withdrawal from the NAV Register of Employees will be registered as an outflow. Unpaid leave for more than 14 days shall result in a withdrawal from the NAV Register of Employees. Employees with doctor-certified sickness absence or maternity leave are still registered as employed based on administrative registers. Temporary employees (stand-ins) are included. The statistics includes employees in the Ministries, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Courts of Justice, and the Sami Parliament, including subordinate units. Compared with Statistics Norways¿ definition of the Central Government, the biggest exception is that the Hospital Trusts are not included. The number of employees is counted from the Register Based Employment Statistics in Statistics Norway, where the reference period is the third week of November. Includes employees 15 years of age or older, both residents and non-residents (short-term stays). Residents are people who are expected to stay in Norway for at least six months. The most important data source is the NAV Register of Employees. Employees that according to NAV are contractors are not included. The tableis about inflows and/or outflows includes only the main job.
The number of employed in Høgskolen i Telemark in 2012 is about 100 too few, and the number of outflows from 2011 to 2012 is overestimated correspondingly.

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