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08190: Money supply (M2), by financial instrument (NOK million) (closed series) 1995M12 - 2015M03


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As from 1 January 2012, the Norwegian institutional sector classification has been revised in line with the international classification. This change implies a break in the statistics from March 2012. For further information, see Institutional sector classification 2012.
Statistics Norway is implementing a planned change of the monetary supply statistics. This entails a break in monthly publications until 30 September 2015. Key figures required for reporting to the International Monetary Fund (IMF Special Data Dissemination The Standard , SDDS) will be updated during the period. These figures are not comparable with data from earlier periods. All other data for the periods April to August 2015 will be released in the first publication after the changeover. The change implies that the focus will shift from the monetary aggregate M2 to M3. For more information, see . (in Norwegian only)