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07170: Pupils in national tests, by grade, test, mastering level, immigration category/country background and parents' educational attainment level (per cent) 2007 - 2023

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New time series from 2022.
Due to an error in the grouping of states in this table in 2007 and 2008, corrections have been made for these two years. From 2014, the calculation of pupils' test results were significantly changed. As a result, this year marks a break in the comparability of data from year to year. The statistics for national tests use data with calculated score points obtained by Statistics Norway (SSB) from the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (Udir). The method used to calculate the score points for the national tests between 2014 and 2021 underestimated the changes from year to year, and consequently, the development over time cannot be compared. The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (Udir) has clarified in a statement from March 2024, that the analysis tool used for national tests in the period from 2014 to 2021 has produced errors in the results. The results do not provide an accurate picture of how students' skills have developed. The discrepancy is greatest in English, where students appear to have shown significantly better skills during this period. In reading and mathematics, there also seem to be larger changes between years than what has been reported, though to a lesser extent than for English. From 2022 onwards, the measurement of progress over time will begin anew. As a result, the figures from 2022 cannot be directly compared to previous years. Numbers for 2022 were corrected 29 September 2023.