Registered mortality of large carnivores

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06060: Registered mortality of large carnivores, 1846 - 2020


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The statistics record the number of bounties paid for predators killed. After the species were protected, all registered mortality is recorded. The periode from 1866-1870 records the average per year. No data for eagles. From 1981 the figures corresponds to the hunting season ( 1. April-31. March). For 1933-1940 there were an additional 40 wolves and 56 eagles felled. After 1961 bears felled without bounty are also included. Eagles were protected starting in 1969, wolves starting in 1972 and bears starting in 1974. Wolverines starting in South of Norway in 1975 and in the whole of Norway from 1981, until license hunting was introduced in 1993. Lynx was protected in Southern Norway from 1992, until quota hunting was introduced in 1994.