Fewer sanctions
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Penal sanctions2000



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Fewer sanctions

According to preliminary figures 206 500 sanctions were registered in 2000, i.e. 4 per cent less than in 1999. 21 500 sanctions applied to crime cases and 185 000 to misdemeanour cases.

Traffic misdemeanours referring to illegal speed caused most sanctions, 63 per cent of the total number of sanctionsl. Illegal speed cases almost exclusively are settled with ticket fines. Among crimes, crimes of narcotics most frequently caused sanctions, i.e. in 39 per cent of the crime cases. Crimes of profit made 31 per cent, crimes of violence 15 per cent, economic crimes 6 per cent, damages to property 3 per cent and sexual crimes 2 per cent. Constantly more crime cases are concluded with ticket fines. Ticket fines made 44 per cent of the sanctions in crime cases in 2000, as against 26 per cent in 1990.

Unconditional imprisonment sentences constituted average 152 days, in crime cases 229 days. Fine sentences constituted average NOK 5 700, ticket fines NOK 3 800 and on the spot fines NOK 1 700.