Children’s institutions

Updated: 6 December 2021

Next update: 28 November 2022

Treatment days (stays) in children’s institutions
Treatment days (stays) in children’s institutions
389 611
Children’s institutions
Children’s institutions
Absolute figures
Children in institutions per 31 December1 036
Children's institutions959
Care centre for minors7
Family support centers70
Treatment days (stays) during the year389 611
Children's institutions354 805
Care centre for minors6 349
Family support centers28 457
Operating expenditures, institutions (NOK million)5 064.1
Operating expenditures per treatment days12 998
Publicly owned institutions13 727
Owned by ideal private institutions9 008
Owned by other private institutions14 863
Contractual man-years, adjusted for long-term leaves5 245.1
Publicly owned institutions2 720.6
Owned by ideal private institutions794.0
Owned by other private institutions1 730.5
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About the statistics

These statistics provide figures on the publicly-owned and private children’s institutions, Family support centers and care centers for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. The figures include expenditures, figures on full-time equivalents (FTEs) and bed-days in addition to sex and age of the children and minors (0-22 years) living in the institutions by the end of the year.