Key figures ready for municipal activities
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KOSTRA - Municipality-State-Reporting2012, revised figures

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Key figures ready for municipal activities

The key figures in KOSTRA (Municipality-State-Reporting) provide information on most of the municipal and county municipal activities, including economy, schools, health, culture, the environment, social services, public housing, technical services and transport and communication.

The figures focus on the priorities, productivity and the coverage of needs, using a vast range of key indicators.

Steady data entry

All of the municipalities and county authorities have reported their data, and there are very few shortages in the total material. The account figures are based on file extracts from all county authorities and the municipalities, except for four. The response rate for reporting from the own units with separate accounts and the municipal inter-authority companies is 93 per cent for municipal and approximately 91 per cent for the county authorities companies. With regard to the reports from the service areas, the response rate varies from 87 per cent to 100 per cent. In addition to figures from Statistics Norway, data have been collected from several sources outside Statistics Norway, for instance from directorates that also collect data from the municipalities.

The reported data have been subjected to several controls, both locally and in Statistics Norway. In some areas the data can be regarded as the final figures, whereas in other areas changes may occur after this publication. The data material for the reporting year 2012 will be updated with any corrections and forms received late, together with the publication of unrevised figures for 2013 on 15 March 2014.

Key figures for the municipality and the municipality as a corporationOpen and readClose

Several services have fact sheets with key figures both for the municipality and the municipality as a corporation. While the sheets for the municipality will have economic figures containing only the municipal accounts, the sheets for the corporation will have figures including municipal accounts, municipal companies and the municipality’s part in inter-municipal companies.

The consolidated figures therefore include the service, whether it is run by the municipality or county municipality itself, or by an own unit with separate accounts. When possible, the key figures with consolidated accounts should be used to ensure comparability.