Updated land cover figures
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Area of land and fresh water1 January 2013



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Updated land cover figures

The figures for land cover by basic statistical unit, municipality and county have been updated in StatBank.

Land and fresh water. Square kilometres1
In allLandFresh water
1Area of land and fresh water from the national map series N50 from the Norwegian mapping authority.
The kingdom of Norway385 178365 26819 910
The mainland323 779304 27019 509
Svalbard61 02260 627395
Jan Mayen3773716

The municipalities 1901 Harstad and 1915 Bjarkøy merged on 1 January 2013. As a consequence, the land figures have been summed up for the new municipality 1903 Harstad. In addition, the basic statistical units have been reclassified.

An area in the municipality 1224 Kvinnherad was transferred to 1227 Jondal. An area in 1121 Time was also transferred to 1122 Gjesdal. In conjunction with the transfers, there have been some reclassifications of basic statistical units. In addition, new basic statistical units have been created in the municipality of 1001 Kristiansand by splitting some of the existing units.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority has worked extensively to increase the precision on the coast line map. This affects the area figures for all regional units with a border to the coast.

Box How to get figures from StatBank

Obtaining figures for each single basic unit, or all the basic units, is done in several steps. After choosing the right table, select the “Select via groups” tab, then select the option “Region” in the dropdown menu called “Select variable”, and choose one of the groups in the dropdown menu below. After choosing the required basic units, select the button “Select as single values”. You can now go back to the “My table” tab and proceed as usual.