Statistical analyses 003

Natural resources and the environment 1993

Natural Resources and the Environment 1993 provides information on important Norwegian natural resources and the natural environment in the form of statistics (parts I and III) and analyses (part Ifl. Most of the statistics have been elaborated by Statistics Norway, but data have also been obtained from other sources.

Part I and the associated appendix of tables making up part HI present key figures for important resources and environmental conditions in Norway. The chapter on energy includes updated statistics on extraction and use of energy. Emissions to air are strongly linked to use of fossil fuels, and a chapter on air discusses trends in emissions to air in recent years. A fundamental question is whether Norway will be able to realize the defined targets for emissions of gases such as CO2, SO2 and NOS. The figures on emissions of pollutants to air are also presented at municipal level.

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Natural resources and the environment 1993

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Statistical analyses 003


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In this series, Statistics Norway publishes analyses of social, demographic and economic statistics, aimed at a wider circle of readers. These publications can be read without any special knowledge of statistics and statistical methods.