8 per cent increase for radio and television
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8 per cent increase for radio and television

The enterprises within radio and television had a turnover of NOK 7 billion - up 8 per cent - and employed 5 781 people in 2004, according to preliminary figures. In total the enterprises within cultural services had a turnover of NOK 11.7 billion and employed 9 306 people last year.

The statistics include the industry groups radio and television activities, motion picture and video activities and news agency activities.

Motion picture and video activities had a turnover of NOK 3.7 billion in 2004, and 2 680 people were employed in these enterprises. According to the figures turnover increased while employment decreased. The increase in turnover was mainly due to a move from another industry division because of merger. Project employees were earlier counted as employees in motion picture production, but are now excluded because of a change in method.

Turnover, by industry group. Enterprises. Final results 2003 and preliminary figures 2004. NOK million

Increased turnover in news agencies

News agency activities also include freelance journalists and press photographers. Turnover amounted to NOK 903 million in 2004, an increase of almost 11 per cent compared with the previous year. 845 people were employed. As in 2003, the number of enterprises increased. Some of the increase may be due to an improvement of the statistics. The industry group is characterized by many small enterprises, which can be difficult to collect information on.

Preliminary figures

The preliminary figures for number of enterprises, turnover and employment are published while data are still being revised and may therefore deviate somewhat from final figures published at a later date. While preliminary figures are published on the enterprise level only, final figures are published on enterprise level and local kind-of-activity unit level.

The employment figures are measured as an annual average. People with more than one job are counted as employees in several enterprises. The collection method for employment data has been changed. From 2004 employment is collected directly from Employee -/ employers register /A/A-register), previously employment was collected through a combination of questionnaire and the A/A-register. This change makes it difficult to compare employment between 2003 and 2004. We will give a comprehensive description of the change in method when final figures are published. More detailed information about this and other definitions used in the structural business statistics for transport and communication is available in "About the statistics".