Still increased grouse bag
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Small game and roe deer hunting2011/2012



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Still increased grouse bag

A total of 230 000 grouse were shot in the hunting year 2011/2012, an increase of 18 per cent from the previous hunting year. After several years of decline, more grouse has been harvested the past two hunting years.

Number of grouse harvested. 1998/1999-2011/2012

Municipalities with most grouse harvested. The number of grouse shot and the number of hunters with yield. 2011/2012

The growth is mainly caused by increased bag in the Northern counties of Norway from Sør-Trøndelag to Finnmark. Except for the county of Hedmark, the bag size decreased in the rest of the country.

Large increase in Finnmark

In the county of Finnmark the bag size has been reduced annually since the hunting year 2005/2006. In 2010/2011, only 17 000 grouse were felled here. Last hunting year the bag size increased and a total of 32 000 grouse were shot, that is an increase of 85 per cent. In the counties of Nordland and Troms the bag size increased by 58 and 43 per cent respectively.

Most grouse shot in Nord-Trøndelag

Most grouse were shot in the county of Nord-Trøndelag the two last hunting years. A total of 38 000 grouse were harvested here the last hunting year, an increase of 29 per cent from the hunting year before. In Sør-Trøndelag the bag size increased by 13 per cent.

Number of roe deer shot per 10 km² productive forest area, by municipality. 2011/2012

Yield of mountain hare and red fox. 1971/1972 - 2011/2012

Less woodland birds shot

In 2011/2012, the bag size of capercallie and black grouse decreased by 16 and 22 per cent respectively. A total of 11 800 capercallie and 24 300 black grouse were shot. The decrease is mainly caused by reduced bag size in Hedmark, where the harvest of woodland bird dropped by 40 per cent. In total, 4 000 capercallie and 5 700 black grouse were felled here.

Reduced harvest of roe deer

A total of 25 900 roe deer were shot during the hunting year 2011/2012, that is 2 900 less than the hunting year before. Most roe deer were shot in the municipalities of Sarpsborg and on the island of Hitra, where more than 400 were felled in each municipality.

Other small game

A total of 20 000 mountain hares, 28 000 red foxes, 13 000 mallards and 13 000 greylag geese were shot in 2011/2012.