More forest roads rebuilt
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Construction of forest roads. Fewer forest roads constructed.

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More forest roads rebuilt

In total, 364 kilometres of new all-year roads and summer roads were rebuilt in 2014. This is 50 kilometres more than in the previous year.

Forest roads constructed and rebuilt. Length.1
20142013 - 20142004 - 2014
KmChange in per centChange in per cent
1Data on roads built without public subsidies are however somewhat incomplete. The data cover roads that are finished and approved during the report year.
Whole-year roads and summer roads for lorries
Roads newly completed70-14.6-24.7
Roads newly completed36415.921.3
Winter roads for lorries and roads for tractors
Roads newly completed175-10.3-42.6
Roads newly completed6919.0-10.4

Seventy kilometres of new whole year forest roads and summer roads were built; a decrease of 12 kilometres1 from 2013.

Total costs for construction and reconstruction of forest roads amounted to NOK 186 million in 2014. Government subsidies accounted for NOK 61 million of the costs. The average expenditure was NOK 342 per metre of whole year roads and summer roads, and NOK 156 per metre of winter roads and tractor roads. In total, 175 kilometres of new winter roads and tractor roads were built and 69 kilometres were rebuilt in 2014.

Extensive forest road network

Although there is little construction of new forest roads, the total length of such roads in Norway is extensive. A total of 48 300 kilometres of whole year roads and summer roads were registered as per 1 January 2015. In comparison, the total length of public roads in Norway is approximately 94 000 kilometres.

1 The figure was corrected at 11.20 am on 29 April 2015.