Increase in forest planting
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Silviculture. Increase in forest planting.




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Increase in forest planting

In total, 15 800 hectares were planted in 2014, which is an increase of 1 100 hectares from the previous year. A total of 28.6 million forest plants were planted.

Area (decares)Per centExpenditure (NOK 1 000)
20142013 - 20142010 - 20142014
Forest planting158 1427.134.0147 689
Silviculture269 7082.3-1.199 159
Scarification66 820-1.432.718 577
Fertilizing4 993-58.8-13.71 321
Chemical cleaning and weed combating4 981-33.9-23.11 361

About 45 per cent of all forest planting in Norway was carried out in the counties of Hedmark and Oppland. A total of 4 000 and 3 000 hectares were planted in Hedmark and Oppland respectively.

More tending of young stand

A total of 27 000 hectares of young forest were tended in 2014, which is 600 hectares more than in the previous year.

Scarification was applied to a total of 6 700 hectares, which is at the same level as the year before.

NOK 295 million invested

In total, NOK 295 million was invested in silviculture, which is at the same level as the year before. NOK 148 million was invested in forest planting and NOK 99 million in tending of young stands. The remaining amount was invested in scarification, clearing, fertilising and similar work. Government subsidies accounted for NOK 72 million of the costs.