Most grouse hunters
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Most grouse hunters

The grouse is the most hunted game in Norway. A total of 58 400 persons have been hunting grouse in the hunting year 2005/06, of which 41 000 had yield from the hunt.

Number of active hunters, by county of residence. 2005/06

Percentage small game hunters and cervide hunters, by county of residence. 1971/72-2005/06

In the hunting year 2005/06 a total of 141 700 persons practised hunting. 64 per cent took part in small game hunting and 61 per cent hunted cervids. 39 per cent of the small game hunters were solely hunting small game, while 36 per cent also took part in hunting on cervids.

A total of 91 000 hunters participated in small game hunting (beaver hunting included) in 2005/06. Small game hunting is being practised all over the country. Most small game hunters lived in the county of Akershus (9 300 hunters).

In the hunting year 2005/06 totally 86 600 people hunted cervids. Cervids includes moose, roe deer, red deer and wild reindeer.

The number of female hunters is still increasing. 7 000 women hunted cervids or small game in the hunting year 2005/06.

Ratio on small game hunting and hunting on cervide, by county of residence. 1971/72-2005/06

Moose hunting

Among the cervids species, moose is the most common game to be hunted. During the autumn 2005 totally 57 400 people hunted moose. Hedmark is still the largest moose county, measured both by the total number of hunting licenses and the total number of animals felled . Most moose hunters lived in Hedmark - 6 800 persons.

Since the beginning of the 1990s the felling quota on red deer has increased considerably. A total of 30 700 hunters took part inn red deer hunting in the autumn 2004. The second most frequent type of hunting was roe deer hunting which engaged 38 400 hunters, and 15 000 had yield from the hunt.

More wild reindeer hunters

A total of 8 100 hunters hunted on a quota of 10 200 wild reindeer during the autumn 2005. This is 1 700 more than the year before. The increase in number of wild reindeer hunters is partly due to higher quotas in some of the largest wild reindeer areas.