More hunters paid the hunting licence fee
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Hunting licence fee. More paid the hunting licence fee.

Registered hunters2014/2015



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More hunters paid the hunting licence fee

In total, 201 400 persons paid the hunting licence fee for the hunting year 2014/2015, which is 4 600 more than the previous hunting year.

Register of hunters
2014-20152014-2015Change, per cent
PersonsPer cent2013-2014 - 2014-20152010-2011 - 2014-2015
Persons listed in the Register of Hunters473 092100.01.97.9
Males412 76887.21.56.3
Females60 32412.84.820.1
Persons buying hunting licence fee199 268100.02.41.5
Males184 11892.42.10.9
Females15 1507.66.110.1
Persons passed hunting test13 573100.08.113.2
Males10 40876.75.99.2
Females3 16523.316.011.0

Of the 201 400 persons paying the licence fee, 199 300 were Norwegian. A total of 15 200 of the Norwegian hunters were women. For Norway as a whole, 9 per cent of the male population paid the hunting licence fee for 2014/2015.

More women passed the hunting test

A total of 13 600 persons passed the hunting test in 2014/2015, which is 1 000 more than the year before. Women accounted for 23 per cent of all those who passed the hunting test.

Still more registered hunters

In total, 473 100 Norwegian hunters were registered in the official Register of hunters at the end of the hunting year 2014/2015. Since the hunting year 2013/2014, the number of hunters has increased by 8 900, and by 85 000 over the past ten years.

Four in ten foreign hunters were Danish

A total of 2 200 foreign hunters paid the Norwegian hunting licence fee. Of the foreign hunters, 41 per cent were from Denmark, 24 per cent from Sweden and 14 per cent from Germany.