New record year for red deer hunting
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Red deer hunting2005, preliminary figures



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New record year for red deer hunting

For the 15t h year in a row, a new red deer hunting record has been set. During the autumn of 2005 a total of 27 600 animals were felled. This is 1 700 more than the year before, and 17 000 more than in 1991.

Red deer felled. Proportion by age and sex. 1995 and 2005

Number of red deer felled. 1952-2005

Except for a couple of periods with stagnation, there has been an increase in the felling of red deer in Norway since the early 1950's. The largest increase has, however, occurred in recent years, and in the period 1991-2005 the yield increased by an average of 1 100 animals every year.

A total felling quota of 40 500 animals were allocated for the red deer hunting in 2005, of which 68 per cent were felled. Totally 6 400 calves, 8 600 younger animals (1 ½ years of age) and 12 600 older animals were felled in the autumn of 2005.

Most red deer felled in Western Norway

Even if red deer hunting has spread to other regions of the country, roughly 95 per cent of the total fellings are concentrated to five counties along the Atlantic Coast: Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane, Møre og Romsdal og Sør-Trøndelag.

Number of red deer felled per 10 km² qualifying hunting area. 2005. Municipality

Regarding the number of hunting licenses and number of animals felled, Sogn og Fjordane is still the largest "red deer county". Nearly 1one third of all red deer shot inn 2005 were felled in Sogn og Fjordane. Totally, 12 100 permissions were issued, and 9 000 animals were felled.

Number of deer hunters

A total of 31 000 hunters took part in red deer hunting in the autumn 2004. See the statistics on hunters for more details.

Municipalities with highest
number of red deer felled. 2005*
Municipality Number of red deer felled
1224 Kvinnherad  818
1617 Hitra  769
1401 Flora  655
1449 Stryn  611
1438 Bremanger  587
1154 Vindafjord  571
1430 Gaular  565
1520 ørsta  532
1429 Fjaler  531
1416 Høyanger  499