Good year for red deer hunting
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Number of red deer shot 2016/2017. Record year for red deer hunting.

Red deer hunting2016/2017, preliminary figures



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Good year for red deer hunting

A total of 37 700 animals were shot during the hunting year 2016/2017, an increase of 4 000 from the previous hunting year. In comparison, the yield of moose hunting was 31 000 animals.

Red deer felled. Preliminary figures
NumberShareChange in per cent
2016-20172016-20172015-2016 - 2016-20172012-2013 - 2016-2017
Total37 738100.011.97.7
Calf5 15913.716.013.7
Yearlings7 28719.318.416.9
Older7 64620.35.74.4
Calf4 72212.516.510.1
Yearlings5 44114.414.38.6
Older7 48319.85.9-2.1
Figur 1. Percentage of red deer shot of quota. Preliminary figures. 2016/2017
Figure 2. Number of red deer felled per 10 km² qualifying hunting area. Municipality. Preliminary figures. 2016/2017
Figure 3. Number of red deer shot
Figure 4. Municipalities with highest number of red deer shot. Preliminary figures. 2016/2017

* = preliminary figures

In total, a felling quota of 54 500 was issued, and the hunting success rate was 69 per cent. The felling quota increased by 450 from the hunting year 2015/2016.

Increase in all counties

The increase in the number of red deer shot was strongest in Sogn og Fjordane. In total, 10 800 red deer were shot from a quota of 15 400 deer in this county. This is an increase of 1 220 from the previous hunting year. In the two other main red deer counties – Møre og Romsdal and Hordaland – 10 300 and 7 500 red deer were shot respectively.

Number of deer hunters

A total of 46 400 hunters took part in the red deer hunt in the hunting year 2015/2016.